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Part of Screen Duller Than Rest

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Hi Everyone,


I'm looking for some advice re my Samsung ue49ku6670 TV.


Recently I've noticed that when I'm watching tv part of my screen is duller than the rest. It's not particularly bad, and is noticeable particularly when watching football or there is a block of colour on the screen. The best way I could describe it would be to imagine if you divided the screen into 4 quarters vertically, the third quarter along would be duller than the rest.


Another issue I've noticed occasionally is that sometimes when I'm watching TV, the colour on the entire TV will flicker breifly to a more 'washed out' colour, before changing back.


These are not huge issues but enough to annoy me when I'm watching TV.


Any advice on how to sort this would be greatly appreciated, should probably add I bought the TV in April so it is currently under warranty.



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