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Panel on Q9FN is edge led+ limited local dimming

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Good evening samsung, I just bought a Q9FN series 55 inch. And today I entered service menu and it says my panel tv is 55A1MU9TN, where T= backlight type and means: Edge led+ limited local dimming.


I bought a full array local dimming tv, not and edge led limited local dimming. What is all this about samsung?.


Either you give me what's on your publicity and is a full array local dimming tv which I bought or you give my money back.


Hi @Ikkiphoenix,

it's impossible, for the TV qled of samsung you normally have the box one connects and for the service menu must not make a change because it is an exclusion of guarantee, it is necessary to contact the reseller or the service Samsung.

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Good evening, i didnt do any changes, jus shows all info on main page, and also I said that panel model with a T is what I got very surprised. All it's about what you buy without knowing what's the true components on what you have.
Any way if you buy something you want that, never the less warranty has nothing to do because it's not the tv got harmed by me, but the tv panel that came with it.
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