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One Connect Issue


My One Connect Box seems to have stopped working. I have tried every option I could find to get it working, I unplugged TV from wall,  I reset the tv back to factory settings, checked cords and cables etc. After hours of trying and searching for anything to help I came to the conclusion the One Connect Box is the issue, not the tv. The minute I unplug the box from the tv, tv turns on. Plug it back it, tv turns off and then clicks repeatedly as it tries to turn back on. 

I purchased a new cord thinking maybe something shorted out there. No luck, new cord came. Tried it. Same issue. Plugged it in and the tv turns off.

Are there any other options out there to get this fixed? The box is not the cheapest and i want to exhaust all options before considering what to do next. 


Please help!


Samsung TV is a UN55JS8500

One Connect Box is a BN39- (I'll have to get rest of number when I get home if you need it, my picture was blury). 





unfortunately you need a new box. return the cable and put refund towards a box with new cable for $110

Got a new box and cable, plugged it in and TV still turned off. 


Does anyone have any advise on what to do next here? Got a new one connect box and the tv turns off as soon as I plug it in

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