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Odyssey 49" OLED G9 G95SC | Needs to be recalled

(Topic created on: 19-06-2024 06:11 PM)

I know this section is for TV's, but this monitor uses the same OS as Samsung's TV's so I believe this issue applies and there's really no section for monitors. I've read over on the AVS forums that their TV's are also having similar issue, and a new one connect box seems to be the fix for them.

I've had this monitor for about a month now, coming from the Neo G9 that I had since released with absolutely no issues. I regret this "upgrade".  Here's just a few issues I've been having....

  • Intermittent black screens on both DisplyPort and HDMI inputs 

PC is connected via DisplayPort, Xbox SX is connected via HDMI. It does not matter what settings I have configured for either device, it will intermittent black screens only while gaming. This issue is not present when the Xbox is sitting at the dashboard, or when the PC is sitting at the desktop and/or normal PC use outside of gaming.

Have tried multiple settings on both PC and monitor; G-Sync on and off, VRR on and off, Adaptive Sync on and off, HDR on and off etc. Nothing solves this issue   

  • Black screen when exiting 16:9 games 

As we know, not all games support 32:9 and some games will scale a 16:9 resolution to your monitor. One game that does this is PUBG. To solve this I first started to change the monitors aspect ratio (32:9 to 16:9) via game bar while I had the game running, but once I exited the game the monitor would go black. In order to get an image again, I would have to go into game bar and change the aspect ratio back to 32:9. So then I started to change the monitors ratio before running the game. My desktop displays fine, at a 16:9 ratio. Game starts up in 16:9 but then when I exit the game I'm met with the same black screen. I need to go back into game bar and change the aspect ratio to 32:9 to get the image back.

Now the above issue may not sound too bad, but while I'm in game at 16:9 and have to open Steam for whatever reason (notification, message, voice chat etc.), the monitor also goes and stays black until I switch the aspect ratio.

  • Cannot view BIOS  

I just recently discovered this issue a few days ago. This monitor will not display my motherboards BIOS (ROG CROSSHAIR X670E HERO). When I try to enter the BIOS, the monitor will display a message that there is an error with the connected device and will turn off in XX seconds. I've tried multiple desktop settings; lower resolution, lower refresh rate etc. Nothing worked, wasted a bunch of time on something so simple that a cheap monitor can handle. 

The above issues are not acceptable, especially for a high end gaming monitor. This is no upgrade from my Neo G9, as I had no issues whatsoever. There are topics on Samsung's own community about the intermittent black screening (which seems to be the number one issue), and all over reddit and other forums and Samsung as been silent. Last firmware version 1402.6 was released back in March. Either Samsung is lazy to fix these issues via an update or the issues cannot be fixed with an update. Either way, Samsung needs to address this.