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Nu7400 43" Netflix Samsung native app washed up and dark despite Eco is off.

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We tried all different settings, disabled all Eco options, reinstalled the app, and there is no way Netflix is seen with acceptable colours. It is all washed up and darkish even at night with low lights. On the other hand we had the old Amazon FireTV stick and there the colours and brightness are correct (but it is not the 4k one).


I wouldn't like to have to buy the 4k firetv stick when I just bought a smart TV... Not a great start. 


Someone had this before? Any solution? 


Hi @Marina_O.


What's the full model code and software version of your TV? Go to Home > Settings > Support > About This TV.


The model is UE43NU7400 and the software is version 1153. The problem is present in some shows in Netflix, and I think it must be something related with those shows and the app inside Samsung, or those 4k version of those shows, as with the Amazon basic fire stick those same shows are seen correctly. So probably nothing we can fix... We tried reseting everything and applying different configurations. And of course keeping the Eco options off.


Thanks for your reply.


Seems like your software is up to date, @Marina_O. Is it only happening with the Netflix app? Are all other apps showing correctly? Have you tried a Smart Hub Reset on the TV? Go to Home > Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub.


Model: UN55NU8000FXZC 


I tried the native Netflix App and found the scenes to be very detailed but very dark in Standard, Natural and HDR+ Settings. The Netflix picture (same show)  from my Apple TV (1080p) and cable tuner (1080p) is much brighter. The test show is streamed from Netflix in  4K and HDR. 

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