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NowTV app

(Topic created on: 30-04-2022 04:20 PM)

Today the NowTV app decided to tell me that the TV needs a firmware update. Software is up to date and have tried tech support... They're going to ring back... No help from Nowtv. Any suggestions? Thanks 

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Who is owning this issue? Is it for Now TV to redevelop the app or Samsung to re-engineer the platform?


Could do with a representative telling us what the actual issue is here and who's working on it (expecting nobody)


It absolutely appalling isn't it. No action, no ownership, no accountability. Class action for full refund?

Hi @BlobbyBobby, I contacted Samsung who say that it's Now TV, saying they're aware of the issue. However, I haven't managed to get anywhere with them. I had some hope when a firmware update (via USB) was released, v2000. Now they've releases another firmware update, v1205, but someone forgot that 2000 is greater than 1205, meaning the monitor won't install the latest firmware. They advised me to contact their Service Center, to remotely connect to it, but they want to charge me £109 to replace my current monitor, rather than connecting remotely via their Remote Support option 😞 Who knows what the firmware updates actually do... being over 1Go, for v2000 and 1.5Go for v1205, a short release note would have been handy... as well as getting an answer about connecting to my screen 😞
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I bought my 27" M5 last November and it was advertised as having now TV and also rakuten TV along with 6 free rakuten rentals worth £50+ (appreciate this is a different issue). But neither app had or has been available for download.

I've contacted Samsung several times last year and was told I was told that this was the first time they've heard of the issues with these apps and that it is nothing to do with Samsung (delete the rakuten rentals being advertised in the Samsung promotions app directly on the tv).

All seemed very odd to me including the absence of nowtv despite it being in the advertisements for this monitor model.

I said I was unhappy and so they told me to return my answer monitor to Currys pcworld as it's likely a hardware issue because they've never heard of any issues at all before. Currys pcworld however insisted I was outside of the return window so had to request a repair from Samsung .... And this is where I've been ever since.... ping ponging around essentially.

However after now finding this thread (and a rakuten thread issue on Samsung) it would seem I was being given very poor support/advice and that indeed this was actually a known issue known to samsung judging by the length of time this discussion had been open.

Therefore i too would be interested to either hear the most recent update, or know how I can get my smart monitor replaced under warrantee for one that fits everything as advertised (or refunded) by Samsung.

Just to let you know, NowTV is back and working now.