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Now TV app sometimes not updating continue watching list when a programme is watched

(Topic created on: 30/10/20 16:18)
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The Now Tv app works fine on my Q70 apart from when I watch an episode of something (say season 1, Epsiode 1), and select "maybe later" it will randomly leave the programme that I've just watched in the same place in my continue watching list, and it will still be Season 1 Epsiode 1 that is displayed in the window, and that is the episode that will play if I select it. Normally the programme would move to the top and move on an episode. It seeems totally random as to whether it will work properly or not. I've tried signing out of the app and back in again, reinstalling the app, deleting the app altogether then installing again, but all to no avail. Nothing i do seems to make any difference. It's only an issue on my Samsung TV. The app on all my other devices - iphone, ipad, android phone, roku express always work fine in this respect, so it's not a NowTV account issue.


Not earth shattering obviously, but frustrating and niggling.


Hoping that someone has seen this before, and has an idea how to resolve it.