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No update files found on your USB device - Samsung Smart TV UE46ES8000

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Some apps won't work as I am running 2008 firmware on this TV. So I decided to try to upgrade it.


I have downloaded the firmware update from here


I followed these instructions to the letter


I made sure to format my USB drive as FAT32 and make sure my drive only contained a single folder containing the upgrade files, as recommended by others. The TV cannot find the firmware upgrade when I select upgrade by USB. 


Hi @jacobhw,

You did the right thing, so try with another  USB execute the file,  you select the USB via the browse button and the button extract in the last.

If the problem persists try a reset.

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same thing and ive tried 20 times removing and re adding to usb drive and tv says cannot find update files on usb device



Yes, I am experiencing the same issue. Did you find out a solution yet?

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I am having same issues.  The TV dropped WIFI.  When I attempt to reconnect I get to the screen where you choose your WIFI and it just shuts down.


So far I did a WIFI reset

TV full reset

same issue

now I am trying to upgrade firmware.  I followed the manuals and download the firmware for my model.  Extracted and moved to USB.  The TV will not recognize it


I'm stuck.  What can I do?

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