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No terrestrial / Freeview on my new smart tv.

(Topic created on: 31-01-2020 01:12 AM)
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Hello, I have a new Frame tv and it's set up with Wi-Fi and the One Box is connected to aerial socket, but there are no terrestrial / Freeview channels. I've tried auto-tuning and resetting on numerous occassions but still nothing. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. 

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Apologies, my reply landed at the end of the thread, not attached to your question. Here it is...

Hi Beeb75. Partly perseverance! I followed Nicki's instructions so go into samsung tv plus, hit channel list/guide in the middle of my remote then chose edit channels at foot of screen. Select delete all channels and confirm. It then prompted me to search for channels which it found...eventually, after many frustrating attempts. Once it found them, Live Terrestrial TV suddenly showed up in my row of apps etc, next to samsung tv plus and, in my case, sky.


My issue was partly because I was testing a new indoor arial and I was having to move it around too to get a signal. 


Thanks to Nicki too, and the original poster too!