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No soundbar with NU8000 65 inch TV offer

(Topic created on: 08-05-2019 06:19 PM)

On the 5th of April I purchased a 65inch UHD television and UHD blu ray player. Accompanying the purchase of the UHD television was a free HW-N650 soundbar. I received the television and blu ray player without incident a few days later. The soundbar was not delivered and no further tracking information given. I telephoned customer service, which was quite simply a appalling experience only to be told it was an error and they will be investigating to find a solution. Unsatisfied, I attempted several live chats, several emails only to be told it was out of stock and they will investigate further. It was in stock at the time of ordering on the 5th of April 2019 and I had paid 25 pounds next working day delivery. That next working day is still yet to arrive. 
Frustratingly and curiosly, the offer remains exactly the same as of the 16th of April 2019 and the soundbar remains in stock.
It really does feel like I've literally been deceived by a massive company whose reputation made me feel protected as a consumer. This could be nothing further from the truth. To say I am somewhat lost, frustrated and upset is an understatement. I was wondering if anyone else on the Samsung community is experiencing the same issue?

UPDATE. 05/5/19

It has been a month since my original order was placed and unbelievably, I am still yet to receive the HW-N650 soundbar that I am entitled to through Samsung's promotional offer. It has been two weeks since my last correspondence from them, in which it stated they were finalising the details and that I was a top priority.
I am still totally bewildered as to why Samsung are stalling on this. The soundbar has always remained in stock via their website and in fact has now even been reduced. 
I find the whole ordeal somewhat tiresome, frustrating and upsetting. I have received greater and more commendable customer service from smaller, independent grocers than I have from a tech giant that is Samsung.
So very disappointed.

UPDATE 7/5/19

Recieved an email today stating Thank you for CANCELLING your order for the HW-N650 soundbar. 
I would like to stress that I had not cancelled the order and had no inclination of cancelling the order. After all, why would I cancel my order for a promotional offer? I am at a total loss for words. Still cannot quite believe the nature in which Samsung are conducting themselves. Absolutely shameful.