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No sound over optical out

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Hi there,


TV = LE37C550

Bought in 2010 - 37 inch


I bought a new BOSE soundbar whcih can connect via spdif, both optical and the older type. I have three televisions in my house. The sound bar works fine on the LG and the Phillips TVs.


When I connect my Samsung TV to the sound bar using optical out, I see the red light passing out at the soundbar end but when I switch to 'external speaker' under 'Menu' / 'Audio' / 'Speaker Select', there is no sound.


The funny part is when I scroll down to self diagnosis / sound test, the sound does come out of the soundbar which confirms there the issue is not related to connectivity.


This gets me thinking that maybe the issue is with the sound encoding. When i go into 'Audio' / 'Additional Settings' / 'SPDIF' output, I see that PCM is selected and 'Dolby Stereo' is greyed out and unavailable for selection.


The tv program sounce is HDMI.


I have searched for a firmware update for this model but can't find one.


Any help would be appreciated





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