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No DTS support on the 2018 Q9fn?


After recently upgrading my ue46c8000 to a qe55q9fn 2018 model. Ive discovered that DTS is not supported? Is this going to be resolved with a firmware update as most films films now come with DTS audio? 

Samsung blu ray players also support DTS? Is this an oversight or a backward step? 


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Ok, thank you! Specifically, I am looking for a Q85R, so it will be shame if It doesn't support passthrough.

Here some additional info


I think TV must support audio bitstream function to transfer (TV out) the same audio signal 


If TV has only PCM, it will not transfer the same (untouched) signal


This article maybe also relevant


Typically manufacturers don't bother clearly write out the devices functionality.....

Thank you, for your quick response! you were very helpful!
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