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No DTS support on the 2018 Q9fn?


After recently upgrading my ue46c8000 to a qe55q9fn 2018 model. Ive discovered that DTS is not supported? Is this going to be resolved with a firmware update as most films films now come with DTS audio? 

Samsung blu ray players also support DTS? Is this an oversight or a backward step? 


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Hey @superroot.

I contacted my seller (I'm living in The Netherlands) and he acknowledged that Samsung has this issue. Only two options are:

- using an optical out from the source to your amplifier (if that source has one, Nvidia Shield doesn't have one).

- buy a new AV-receiver (and cross your fingers you have no issues with hdcp 😕 ).

Another option is to set audio to PCM, but that's meh.

He said that he doesn't expect Samsung to add this by a firmware update. They might eventualy add this to a follow-up model, but his experience is that they never add these large updates.


I contacted Samsung BeNeLux (Netherlands), by Messenger chat ^Jeff.

He told me they had more complaints which they will forward to Korea. I brought this tread to his attention.

He advised me to install the irmware update of last monday; he couldn't say if that solved the DTS-problem.


I'm gonna do the same as you, putting my review online with this TV.


- vibrant colours,

- quite good black levels ,

- smart solution power connection box with tiny cable to panel

- no Oled, so less risk of screen burn


- no DTS !!,

- washed out whites when completely black screen with tiny white spots, like starry skies

- strange behaviour of brightness in subtitles.

- bad viewing angles


It's just so strange that a TV at this pricepoint (2.400 euro's MSRP) does fail these basic functions and by that, is not backward compatible. An LG at a lower pricepoint delivers more. And that's even more strange because in 2017 Samsung has lost quite a market share to LG with their OLED panels.


I bought Samsung mainly because of my experience with screen burn on my 4.5yrs old Panasonic plasma TV. Also I was afraid of the vulnerability of Oled-panels.


I'm still seriously considering exchanging this Samsung to an LG E8.


Hello everybody,


I have a 46D6310 and a 40ES6310 and both support DTS. In October I bought a 65NU8000 and mainly watched TV and Netflix the first weeks. I once did start a film from my Synology NAS and got an error message, but did not realy take notice of it and thought that the film was the problem. 


During the Christmas holidays I thought of that problem again and tried some more films. All with the same error.

Looking on the internet I found out that DTS was no longer supported due to licence fees etc.

I immediately called the Samsung helpdesk.  The very nice gentlemen on the phone did apparently at first not known about the issue, but he did some research and confirmed what I had found on the internet.

He said that he could imagine that it is f*** annoying and suggested to write a letter to Samsung Benelux and report the problem.


On the Samsung site I found a link to send an email to the CEO of Samsung Benelux (

In this email I told him that (most) people that buy an expensive and/or big TV don't do that to only to watch the 8h-clock news and asked to either send me an update with DTS (for which I'm even willing to pay), or take my TV back.

No answer till now, but maybe more of us should or could send an email or a letter to (the CEO of) Samsung and claim an useful update or a refund.

But the idea of posting reviews is also a very good one.  The more the merrier……

U just put a Tweet out to draw attention to this @Samsung.


The more attention the merrier 🙂

Mailing the CEO in a few minutes.

I have used the mail the CEO option as well. Samsung from my country replied a few minutes ago: "The QLED 2018 range will not support this standard.".  I will try to send back the TV and get my money back. 

There's a new offer on iBood for a Samsung UE55NU7021 in which they say that  "with this TV you can fully enjoy series and movies". Couldn't resist, no, I found myself even obliged to make a remark that DTS  is not supported. As some of you said before, they only mention what it can do and not what it can't do anymore

Still no DTS. Ty for all you done. :smiling-face:

If everyone would put in their review so other knows.


I will return Samsung QLED 55 Q6F and better to buy SONY or LG, why I would pay if my son can not watch movies format DivX?!!!!, NO MORE SAMSUNG TVs


For your information, an online petition has been launched in order to push Samsung to update the firmware of their QLED 2018 TVs in order to support DTS and DivX. Although it is written in French, I would invite everyone to sign :


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