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No DTS support on the 2018 Q9fn?


After recently upgrading my ue46c8000 to a qe55q9fn 2018 model. Ive discovered that DTS is not supported? Is this going to be resolved with a firmware update as most films films now come with DTS audio? 

Samsung blu ray players also support DTS? Is this an oversight or a backward step? 


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Disappointed to report that I now find that even though I now can receive Dolby ATMOS when it comes to getting it from Netlflix - it's a NO GO!  I called Netflix and they said that it's because Netflix is NOT one of their Approved Companies that are allowed to receive this Format.  They have a List oof 6 or 7 they Approve.  Appraently Nvidia has to do something [probably related to $] to get on that Approved List before we can start enjoying ATMOS.

    I have sent a request, I'm sure like many others, to Nvidia Support to PLEASE get us this added Feature.


Dear all,


Just bought a new smart TV Toshiba 55" and its amazing and made me satisfied, bye Samsung 


and NOW, to just ADD to my Stupidity for buying this Q9FN, I find out it does NOT Suupport Dolby Vision and my NEW

4K BlRay Player does..............*****!!!!!!!


I mean come on, if your spending this amount on a TV, do your research.


Its plain & clear that no TV made by SmugSung supports DTS.


That all been said, all is not lost.


Hook up your Bluray play to your soundbar/amp and get your audio bliss via passthrough.


Failing that, buy a Shield TV etc and hook that up to your audio setup & worry not.


I'm a Q9FN owner & have zero issues with the lack of DTS support. Play DTS HD & DTS X no problem.


Is it BS that SmugSung dont pay there royalties too give its customers this audio codec? 


110% yes


This goes hand in hand with not offering Dolby Vision.


Absolute nonsense....especially at these prices.


Stop advising folks to buy Samsung products, only way this will end.

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65 Q9FN Tv
Galaxy Tab S4
Galaxy S10+
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Samsung cooker, fridge, microwave, DW
So much Samsung, so many problems...I'll learn one day!

Samsung tvs are now garbage. No dolby vision, no dts support, do not buy a Samsung tv if you want up to date formats. My Q9FN would 100% go back if it wasn't out of its 30 day no quibble return, 2000 nits is too bright, headache inducing so what's the point of this set? Terrible uniformity, led bloom, poor blacks unless you crush them with artificial enhancements, this set has nothing going for it compared to similar priced oleds. 


I'm very dissapointed to.. I warn all my friends.. All other brands support DTS. I made the mistake to buy a Samsung TV for my parents.. They lack sound with some movies now.. They don't have highend receivers.. My father is 81..


Glad I have a 2017 model in my living room. For my bedroom I bought an LG. 


If you buy the newest 8k TV you definitly like movies and than you discover that DTS is not supported...... I can't imagine what Samsung was thinking making that decision..


No DivX and No DTS support is unbelivable step back. If I knew Samsung doesn't support that I would never go for this TV. I didn't expect such a surprise. No Samsung any more !!!


Oh my on every purchase You must read all manual ????

Are U out of Your mind ?

Find one sentence in all manual....


OMG what people on earth




I am about to buy a new QLED tv and I have the following question, since I read that samsung qled tvs after 2018 don't support DTS decoding. If I connect a pc, as movie player, via HDMI to the TV and connect the TV with an optical cable to my Denon Avr which supports DTS, will the signal be transported unprocessed from the PC to the Avr or the TV will process and cut the sound? Also, if I use another output than the optical from the One Connect box, will I achieve anything? 




As I remember it depends on model. TV must support audio passthrough or whatever it is called. Only way I think to check TV manual to be sure that TV supports

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