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nightmare getting samsung tv waranty replacement

(Topic created on: 30-05-2023 07:29 PM)
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hi, desperate here! been trying for weeks communicating with so called "customer services", loads of phone calls, emails, sending them video's of the tv fault,etc etc. this TV was a replacement direct from samsung, as my original tv was not repairable. trouble is the replacement tv is faulty, in order to get a proper picture you have to turn the tv on, immediately turn it off and back on again, if you dont the picture is dull and washed out....i have explained this countless times, and sent a video of the fault as requested. i have spent hours doing re-sets, and them taking control of the tv via the internet, nothing fixes the fault, i have now demanded a repair or replacement under warranty, since then, emails have stopped, and have been informed on there last email that the email is no longer active so cant reply to them. i have had a text today asking me to go to there suport page, which is absolutely useless,as it seems to be starting the entire month long process again, know-where can i see a samsung warranty repair tab, or how to directly contact them and complain about there appalling customer service and to get the ***** TV fixed or replaced! anyone have any ideals? thanks

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@sparkey23   Unfortunately as  the email case seems to have been closed think it will need to be escalated again.  There a few options with support 

you could also direct your complaint to 

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