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New update MU series


After the last Update and the issues it caused I have turned off Automatic Updates.

Just had a message asking me to allow a new update, I have declined update until I have more information. 

Does anyone know what it is for ?

Does it work ?



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There was another update a few days ago, which I believe was 1140.x.
Now I see 1123.1 again, what gives?
No way I install this one yet :smiling-face:

Can anyone from Samsung shed some light on this?
On 1123, I'm unable to update the HBO Nordic app. The message I got from Samsung in July that this was a known issue, and would be fixed very soon in a new firmware release.

Now, two months later, 1123.1 is still the latest firmware available.



And today I notice 1144.0 were published.

Anyone brave enough to install it?

have updated to 1144.0 and all is well, not sure if it changed anything, samsung don't like to give any clues to what the updates are for.


Thanks for the update. 

Did you install using USB or OTA?

I get no update available when I check.


New update again, this time 1145.1.

As usual, I bet there is no way to even get a single hint regarding what's new/fixed?

Interestingly my TV is still on 1132 and there are no updates for me OTA.


I have just unstalled 1147.1 using USB on my MU6500.


I am hoping one day that the iPlayer will start working, but it hasn't happened yet.

So I installed 1147.1 as well, and surprise, I'm still unable to install the HBO app.

Samsung support stated that this was a known issue in July, and that a patch would resolve the issue in late July.


Anyone else able to update/install the HBO app?

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