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New update MU series


After the last Update and the issues it caused I have turned off Automatic Updates.

Just had a message asking me to allow a new update, I have declined update until I have more information. 

Does anyone know what it is for ?

Does it work ?



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automatic updates disappeared! Also restart tv to original settings. Any information about this problem? Smart Hub its not working properly model:




Just as I suspected, starting about a year ago.  Samsung has lost interest in HDR10+ and it's just going to let it fade away.  They've stopped making players, and you don't see them making any fuss about it in newer TV's if they say anything, at all.  They've not added it by firmware to older models,  which they said they were going to do a long time ago. 

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I posted this in two other forum pages, neither have received replies. I too I am getting GREEN WHITE or PINK FLASHES since earlier this year. Always from HDMI source. Please read below for more info. It "feels" like a software issue, one that needs fixing!!...


I have been getting random, sudden bright flashes on my TV screen since sometime in Spring 2020.

They occur at random. Sometime 1 or 2 an evening, sometimes none for a days…


TV Set - UE49MU7070

Software version - 1280.5


They are usually white. But sometimes green or pink.


They are very quick. A fraction of a second. But they are very jarring, esp. when playing games, watching dark films...


They are VERY annoying, naturally!


They *only* occur on HDMI sources. Never on live TV or an internal app such as Netflix.


We have an Xbox One X, a Nintendo Switch, a PS4 Pro and a Sony 4K Blu ray player.


It has happened on all sources (except, oddly, the PS4. However, I play that less, personally)


It can happen early or late in a gaming/viewing session, so it isn't tied to a “hot running” television.


I have tried EXTENSIVE troubleshooting.


  • It is not related to HDR, as it happens on HDR and non HDR sources.
  • I have tried moving the HDMI ports around, in case the PS4 had a HMDI port that wasn’t flashing. Nope – it happens on any of the four ports.
  • I have turned contrast down to 90 from 100 on all sources, to match the PS4 (which doesn’t flash)
  • I have tried replacing ALL our HDMI cables
  • I have disconnected and reconnected the TV connection box
  • I have removed all “Smart devices” connected to the TV, in case they are causing interference. I only had one - my phone I think, never used it really.
  • I have raised the connection box on four small plinths. This is to increase air circulation around it, as it gets warm…
  • Restarting TV to factory, twice.
  • Simplifying all post processing. (Removing all processes such as motion blur, Smart HBR, etc)
  • Game mode. Not Game Mode.


I am tech savvy. I am a music producer by trade, and I’ve been in tech for years.


This “feels” like a software issue, as it came about in spring 2020, all at once on multiple ports.

The only other option is that my connection box is failing…


Any ideas to troubleshoot my end? Any news on a software fix?? Do I need to try replacing my connection box?


This is a great TV, EXCEPT for this jarring flashing issue




All support for the MU6-7000 series have been dropped. Samsung made that choice a long time ago. 

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