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New update MU series


After the last Update and the issues it caused I have turned off Automatic Updates.

Just had a message asking me to allow a new update, I have declined update until I have more information. 

Does anyone know what it is for ?

Does it work ?



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Typical for SAMSUNG....

I only hold Samsung responsible for what they've promised to their customers.  Any future tech that comes along is purely up to them with no obligation to include it.  

What's your set-up?

I still get flashes. All my devices have up-to-date firmware.
NVidia Shield TV (2017)-->Onkyo A/V--> MU6470 via HDMI ARC.

My set up is a, 75 inch MU8000, with a Samsung 4K player, and a Western Digital Box and of course a cable TV box.  


Thanks. I believe the "flashes" are specific to game consoles connected to Samsung TVs via HDMI. It would be good if someone else with an NVidia Shield TV could confirm this.

I've seen your replies here that go back, a long way.  It's especially tough if it the problem is very unique to a small group, to get advice.  I'm sure you've been all through the Nvidia Shield community websites, and the internet.    It can be maddening, I know, I've had similar problems with other types of equipment.   I hope help comes for you in a new update. 

thanks @MuniMula

I think the same issue with the xbox and SkyQ has been fixed already. As you say, I had this issue for a very long time and am used to it now. It is such a shame that brilliant hardware suffer from poor software and Samsung TVs are no exception.

I suspect Samsung (S Koren even) has entered a new phase of their existence. What Japan did to the US, and what S Korea did to Japan, is now happening, to them, because of China. I'm sure they are losing market share, and have probably downsized somewhat. I'm positive this is having an affect on their manpower and priorities

I totaly agree with you @MuniMula that competition is fierce but I can tell you my next TV is NOT going to a Samsung TV just because I'm not happy with the product. TizenOS is so buggy let alone the fact that they haven't added a single new feature in the last 3 years that I own my TV. At least they should have deliverd HDR10+. Disapointed.


If they don't honor thier obligations for HDR10+,  I too will be moving on.  

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