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New update MU series


After the last Update and the issues it caused I have turned off Automatic Updates.

Just had a message asking me to allow a new update, I have declined update until I have more information. 

Does anyone know what it is for ?

Does it work ?



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Not me.  Has anyone else in this thread mentioned they had problems with the green flashing?  

I want Apple TV =\

At least you have the option to get Apple TV if you chose to do so.   We are ***** out of luck unless Samsung decides to fufill their promise to the consumer.  

how to get apple tv? application does not appear

Isn't there an Apple box you can buy and hook up to your tv?  

I understood! I'm talking about the application. why buy when it is possible to install.

I'm not sure if Samsung promised Apple TV for the MU8000 model.  I don't recall, but they did promsie HDR10+ would be added, and did so, on their own website.   Unfortunately we have zero options unless Samsung lives up to their word. 

let's write collectively to them?
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Is there gonna be any new update soon ? The last one was like 6 months ago... And you we dont have HBOGO and HBONOW ? Or its just my tv... MU6500

Well, they've totally ignored an 85 page thread on thier official website.  Not one wit of concern, or even a reply, letting us know what's going on.    I'm not sure a letter writting effort would be any different. 

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