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New update MU series


After the last Update and the issues it caused I have turned off Automatic Updates.

Just had a message asking me to allow a new update, I have declined update until I have more information. 

Does anyone know what it is for ?

Does it work ?



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It was ST.2084

Carnival Row from amazon prime video.


Very frustrating.  Thanks for the update, though. 

At least we know it´s real:face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye:

I only get ST.2084 when I watch HDR10+ on amazon on my firestick.i use a app called called developer tools what tells you what resolution and color space the content you are watching in.the tick. The grand tour and Jack Ryan all play in HDR10+ and looks no different than HDR10 on my nvidia shield 



LOL now we can at least move it out from the Bigfoot category.  


With dynamic metadata you should see a pronounced difference. 

I don't see any difference at all.i was testing it the other day switching between the 4k firestick and shield and I could tell no difference 

@RickityRack wrote:

That's good. Did you ask him if in the gamma settings he was seeing ST.2094? 

The gamma-setting is ST2084 for all HDR.

I believe ST2084 is for static metadata and ST2094 is for dynamic.   Both are HDR But both are not the same. 

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