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New update MU series


After the last Update and the issues it caused I have turned off Automatic Updates.

Just had a message asking me to allow a new update, I have declined update until I have more information. 

Does anyone know what it is for ?

Does it work ?



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Sony calls its dynamic metadata Dolby Vision.


Somebody from Samsung need to come on here and explain why they sold us our TV as having HDR10+ when it clearly doesn't 



I smell a class action suit. 



And it works well.  My 2017 X800E definetely looked better, while the colors in GOTG Vol2 look great on my MU8000,  they punched more on the Sony.   Even though the HDR peak brightness (according to RTings testing) was lower on the Sony than my MU8000.    


@juanelo wrote:

I suggest you all read this article: It shows you the exact specifications for all HDR types including HDR10+ and why you MUST have ST.2094 in the gamma options and please please DO NOT believe blindly in all of whats Samsung says because have such a record of lies instead do your research but WE MUST KEEP PRESSING Samsung for an update that should be possible.

I can't imagine that Samsung use such a cheap trick to sell tv's , cause afaik no tv has ST2094 in the gamma-options. I believe they have hdr10+ in their tv's.


I have a so called HDR10+ TV but there's no proof it plays in it because it only shows HDR, has anybody ever seen a HDR10+ logo on a Samsung? 


 "I believe they have hdr10+ in their tv's."


So why would they hide that fact?  Samsung is the inventor of HDR10+ ,so why are they not proud of it,  and add it to their TV's that can clearly handle it?  If they are having more of a problem adapting it to HDMI 2.0 then they are willing to admit, that doesn't explain the latest TV's with HDHM 2.1 not displaying the standard ST2094 mode, either.     I don't get it, it's like they've lost confidence in their own invention.  





Cormar it's not a matter of faith, do your research maybe not even the 2019 models have HDR10+!! You don't believe Samsung is capable of such lies. Come on wake up!! If no Samsung tv up to today has HDR10+ that's even worse. LG is a respecful brand which supports Dolby Vision the other form of dynamic metadata specified as ST.2094 let's Also take a look at the gamma options in the  b7 ir b8  LG oleds  with Dolby Vision and see if they have ST.2094 just to make sure who is lying.


Well it clearly states the Nu7100 has HDR10+ but it doesn't so yeah Samsung obviously does lie

I contacted Samsung support by email, wrote them a long email aboute this and this is there reply:

We appreciate your loyalty to your Samsung products and for taking time to reach us regarding your enquiry on your TV. Let us assist you to check the related details.


Based on the specifications of your TV, we have confirmed that it supports the HDR feature with both HDR10 and HDR10+ on all sources.(LIE) haha For more details about your TV (QE55Q7FAMTXXU)

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