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New TV One Connect Issue


I have just purchased a new QE65Q90R. I set everything up, connected it to my sky tv box and it seemed to be working.  After just a few seconds though, the sky programme disappeared and was replaced by the image below.  The sound of the TV programme was still working through the tv speakers.  I connected it to my nintendo games console and the same image appeared.

Samsung TV.jpg


Can anyone advise what this image means or what the problem is?  Is it a fault with the one connect cable?


Thanks in advance.  Any help would be much appreciated.





Cool. Thanks for the reply Paul. Do you have the number you contacted?
I'm pretty sure I just used the online chat function via their website.
Hi Colm23, I have the same problem. Did you manage to find a fix?
Same, hung on wall for at least a year then started shutting off, Then started blinking then came the tv and hdmi box with the cable and arrows in the middle. I took down and a couple days later did the reset fiddled with the cord at the box after insection and I got netflix and prime video. few days couldn't get that. the menu tries to pop up but it's like froze.
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Purchased a new tv less than two weeks ago. Bought the Frame tv QN55LS03T and of course it comes with the One Connect box so you have only one wire showing. I followed directions and was extremely careful as I hooked it up to

my AT&T dvr and then turned it on. All seemed to load up and it was working for the next couple of hours. The next day turned it on and that was never to be again. It does not recognize HDMI 1, 2 3 or 4! It knows something is there because it says unknown. This went on for the next 4 days with Samsung, AT&T and the seller of the tv. I tried another one connect box, a roku and a laptop, sometimes it says HDMI1 unknown, othere times it says no signal, please turn on device. I am now waiting for the sellers IT people to call me so they can say the same thing....I don't get it! Anyone out there know anything else?

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