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New Telly - I'm a beginner to this!

(Topic created on: 09-11-2023 12:17 PM)
First Poster

Just bought a QE50QN90CATXXU.

I don't know if I need to give the entire product identification or there's an abbreviated form.  Perhaps someone can tell me.

I've gone through the set up and I've connected some peripherals up via the four HDMI sockets.  The peripherals were those I was using with my old TV, namely

Humax FOXSAT-HDR FreeSat receiver and PVR (via HDMI4)

Panasonic 6 speaker SA-BTT400 Home Theater System (via the HDMI3 (eARC)

Panasonic DMR-HW100 HDD Recorder (Via HDMI2

On HDMI1 I was intending to install a Kinovo HDMI Hub.  This Hub is independently powered and has one output HDMI port and 5 HDMI input ports.  To these were going to be connected a PS3, PS4, a separate BluRay player (Panasonic), a region free DVD player and an Amazon Fire Stick.

The hub can be switched manually or by using a small remote control.  It should switch automatically depending upon which device is switched on but this has always been a bit hit and miss.

I cannot get the TV to see the hub and I don't know why.  It worked perfectly well with my old Panasonic.

I have tested the operation of the HDMI1 port by plugging in the Fire Stick on it's own and it is recognised so the port works with a single device at least.

Is there any reason why the port should not work with a hub of the type I am using? 


I have been persevering with the Kinivo since I last posted.

I have unplugged the Fire Stick from the Kinovo and concentrated on establishing connecting the PS3, PS4 Panasonic BluRay player and the Tower DVD player.  I actually succeeded!  Each will come on in turn if switched on separately and if they are all turned on simultaneously.  The actual HDMI input switch works both on manual and off the small remote provided with the hub. 

BUT - if I subsequently plug in the Fire Stick to any of the ports 1 to 5 it doesn't want to know.

I can live with plugging and unplugging.  After all when you mare watching one there's no point in having the other devices switched on.  But I would, out of real interest, like to know why the Firestick is being singled out.

If anyone would like to educate me I'd appreciate it.