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New Samsung universal remote not working with Virginmedia V6 tivo box

(Topic created on: Wednesday)
New Member

I've just replaced my Samsung Universal Smart remote and it now no longer works with the VirginMedia V6 box, even though the old one did work, but had been chewed by the dog so had to be replaced. The remote is paired and the home and volume buttons work, I have gone via the Source button, deleted the v6 box, found it again, paired it up, removed the HDMI cable, and followed every bit of advice I can on previous strands but it's still not controlling the virgin media box.

The old remote no longer works either, even though it did before I took the batteries out and tried to connect the new remote, it has the same functionality as the new one.

I've got a Series 6 smart tv, one with a curved screen, and am looking for any advice out there to get the remote to control both the tv and the v6 box.

I've seen a few posts where there is a device name/code of the virgin box that needs putting in (think this is for virgin 360 which I don't have), but I don't have any option to enter the name of the v6 tivo box.

I'm not very techy so if there are any suggestions please can they be put in layman's terms? 

Many thanks in advance