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New Samsung QN95A TV - Best HDMI positions and connections for my set up?

(Topic created on: 22-05-2022 09:08 AM)
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Hi everyone, 

I have ordered a QN95A 55inch to replace an older UE55KS8000.

I am in UK and have a Sonos Arc Soundbar, Sky Q HDR Box, Apple TV 4K, and Xbox series X to connect up. 

I see a few issues on this forum with potential HDMI connection issues? which are concerning as I really thought I had ordered a super TV! 

So my first question is:

Is there a best way of connecting up these elements of my system with particular HDMI input locations to reduce potential issues?

I know the 95a has the separate Connect Box with i think 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs  - are these simply all the same and it doesn’t matter which is connected where or should I connect each of my elements to a particular HDMI Port? 

My second question is do i need to invest in better HDMI cables to give my set up the best possibility of working fully with no issues? and if so are there any Samsung recommended cables I should look at? 

Thanks in anticipation. I have had a good search around the forum but could not locate anything specifically about this. 




Did you get your TV? One of thr HDMI ports is labelled E-ARC so you need to use this to connect to your soundbar. The other ports are all the same so it does not matter what is plugged in where. As you say they are all 2.1 but this really only makes a difference if you are a gamer. The breakout box is good as you don't need to get around the back of thr TV to plug things in. It's quite large though and does get warm. As for cables I don't think it makes a big difference personally because signal is digital. The plug connection us probably most important. I usually use Amazon Basics ones.