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New qled tv poor image quality

(Topic created on: 11-05-2022 02:38 PM)

hi, I've just bought a 2021 q80a qled tv and whilst nature shows look amazing, football ( through iplayer) is less good. Players faces are just a blur when in picture adaptive mode. Any advice on how to get the best from this tv? ##qled 80a

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HI @Andy2022  For sports may be best to switch Adaptive Mode off,think you will have a preset picture Mode and a viewing Mode for this Tv.  For this content I would advise standard and sports Mode.  whilst generally Auto Motion Plus /LED Clear Motion best at low level or disabled for fast moving pictures you may need this option.  However if too high you can get soap Opera Effect.  you just need to experiment a bit for the best results.  Local Dimming best set a high and you will need some contrast.

Some further tips in this article 

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I recall seeing an open letter from cinematographers to TV manufacturers about motion processors and automatic dimming saying it was ruining their work when played back by people watching Blu-ray and DVD at home. They all recommend turning these features off and tuning the colour and contrast levels manually in user or custom mode. Some titles actually included an extra or bonus which was a tuning guide and looping screen to tune the settings with