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New Purchase - 49MU6470

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Hi all,


New to the forums and new to the above model TV so have a couple of questions which hopefully someone can stear me in the right direction on: -


1) I love the smart remote! However one thing I am not sure if it can do is turn on / off my Sky Q Set Top Box (I'm in the UK) when I turn the TV on or off? I can control the power using the coloured dots button as this gives me a power option but would be good if the single push of the power button controlled power on the source as well as the TV. is this even possible? 


2) How can I quickly view what resolution settings are on a HDMI input (my old Samsung used to display the resolution / Hz settings in the top right hand corner when I selected this, but I don't seem to get this when I select a particular HDMI now?)


3) Slightly dissapointed there isn't a Google Play Music App, as there is a films and TV one, but is it easy enough to cast from my phone directly to the TV? Any tips?


4) Finally - first time I've owned a 4k / UHD TV - any pointers about the best settings to use. I know that this will have a lot to do with preferences, room, lighting etc. but anything I definitely should / shouldn't do? 


Thanks in advance for any advice you may offer.





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