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New firmware released today for 2019 models - 1351.3


Hi Everybody,


As I see the new ver. 1351.3 firmware has been released for 2019 series (RU series and others).


Do you know anything about the changelog? What's new?

(by the way.. is it possible to release divx codec in the future for these new models as before? :smiling-face: )




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Did they solve the issues mentioned in the thread with the new 1356.2 update?


I have my PC attached to my soundbar specifically for this purpose. Samsung has been hopeless recently with all these weird updates. 

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I have a 2019 Q70R in the US and updates to 1353 about a month ago. I had no issues with sounds of any kind and i use YoutubeTV, Netflix,Prime Video and Disney+ religiously. I also am using a Vizio Sound bar via Optical Cable.

Again, no issues. 


I just updated 20 minutes ago to 1356 (no other version is available when i update the TV - The website in the US does not even show this 1356 Version at all for my TV) via the TV Update search option. 


I have not noticed any issues but i only ran Disney+ so far.


I will be Honest, i purchased this in October of last year and have Never encountered any issues at all. To be fair, i use Smart plugs so if issues happen and are resolved by Killing all power to the TV, then this is probably why i've not had issues.

Just curious, do you use any outside sources? (Cable box, Apple TV, etc) and if so have you had any lip sync issues?
No issues. The high speed HDMI from graphics card goes to sound bar and from sound bar to TV.

This DD+ problem seems to be only with Netflix app when using HDMI ARC with amp that doesn't support DD+


I use both Apple Tv and Chromecast Ultra, also Xbox One X. Cannot say i've seen issues. 


My tv, "QLED Q90R", has auto updated to firmware 1356.2  this is the first time my tv does an auto update since I usually do the updates manually as soon as they become available on the Samsung website. It all happened while I was watching Netflix. I tried to look for information about this update and it doesn't even show up in the Samsung portal. The latest firmware Im able to see is 1351 from feb 3. Anybody has an idea of what changed with this update?

Update-Version 1356.0 - April 2020
Screen mirroring has been improved.
Fixed a bug where sometimes the ambient menu could not be displayed.

That was mentioned in a German thread in the eu forum by a community manager. Since the .2 release is a minor/revision, that probably includes hotfixes for the 1356 release. So far with this version, I'm having issues with my Sonos system connected to the tv with HDMI ARC. The tv switches between Dolby digital 2.0 and Dolby Digital 5.1 (and vice veraa)  if I turn Dolby digital+ on and off again. I can see the output audio codec from the tv in the Sonos app. And I believe the sound from my back speakers is quite bad with the Q70 compared to when I connect the system to my 3-year old Samsung tv. 

I was wondering the same thing.
I hope so. 😉
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