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New 65Q7 screen is this screen ok?




Got a new 65 Q7 a week and a bit ago. Is this screen within acceptable tolerance. Pic hasn’t came out great but there’s visible verticle lines that have a purpleish tinge to them and darkened corners. Just want to check if this is ok. More visible on a grey image. Just swapped from an OLED which was fairly uniform. Sorry picture is upside it kept loading like that, and even when I swapped the picture the other way up it still came out upside down.4527BBD4-622B-430B-ADCB-C783EB1C9E36.jpeg



I have a 49" Q7, and had to exchange my first one as it had vertical banding. Not sure what it was like when viewing a blank screen, but it became fairly obvious when viewing sports on a green pitch and the camera panned sideways. It was also visible on the test screen. I contacted Samsung support, and we went through a TV reset, firmware update etc all to no avail, and they confirmed I would be better off exchanging the TV for a new one as it was only around 1 - 2 weeks old. This was carried out with no problems at all by the vendor I purchased it from - who were very understanding.


Photos below are of my screen before I changed it - you can just about see the banding.


Banding 2.jpgBanding1.jpg

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