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Netflix sound not working on UE50NU7400 with digital output


I've had a Samsung Smart TV linked via an optical out cable to a Marantz CR610 hifi system for 4 years and everything worked OK, including Netflix.


The old TV gave up the ghost, so in September I bought a new Samsung UE50NU7400 4K TV, connecting it exactly the same way as the old TV.


The sound from the TV to the Marantz system works fine, just as before, whether the content comes direct from the TV or from the Sky box which.  The one probem is Netflix.  Netflix works fine through the TV speakers, but if I switch on the Marantz system the Netflix app carries on playing the picture, but no sound comes through the optical out cable to the Marantz system - we just get silence.


It appears to be a weird aspect of the Netflix app, but since it worked on the old Samsung TV it seems odd that it's stopped working on the new one.


Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.

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Any hope to see Samsung updating their firmware and building a beta testers group? Regret my old Sony...


Tried the PCM audio change. Still no audio from Netflix.


Experiencing same issue with 1351 and no Netflix sound from the app. Using PS4 for Netflix while awaiting a fix. Hopefully we get some kinda news soon. 


OMG thanks, i have try everything, happy to see im not the only one. Everything working fine until the update, i don't watch too much netflix but my wife do and now she need to watch on the tv speaker, its totally a scam. I have brand new 82 ru8000 on a vsx pioneer elite receiver. Tested with optical after seeing this forum and its worked but everybody know arc is better. I have the v1351 and tv said is up to date .... At this price we want the 1359 update now !!! 


From Canada , Québec


Hi all, 


An exciting 5 mins followed by total disappointment. Got an update today, firmware 1356 for my Q60 telly, finally firmware 1351 would just be a bad memory. Anyway I have no idea what 1356 did; but I can tell you it did not fix the Netflix sound problem.


I assume we are all waiting for firmware 1359.


Sorry for the bad news.







Interesting that Samsung rolls out its TV software updates at different times in different geographies. I received my update to 1356 around a week ago (here in Hong Kong) - without any change to the Netflix audio issue.


I also experienced some general HDMI ARC connectivity (or sync) issues recently between TV and AVR (seems to be also common with Samsung TVs). Unplugging AVR and TV (respectively, disconnecting from the power source) over night, and turning the AVR on before the TV seems to do the trick for me for now. 


I still do like my Samsung TV hardware, but I am less than impressed by the presumed software bugs surrounding HDMI ARC and Netflix app, and also by Samsung customer service remaining completely silent on these issues even though they've been raised by many customers (not just on this thread here).



strange, but with the following procedure I can get my Yamaha amplifier RX-S600D to receive DD+ signal: 

When on TV source, I first select HDMI 4 (Yamaha amplifier) , then I select Netflix. Sometimes it shows DECODER OFF, but more often DD+. It's like an "handshake" problem between Samsung and Yamaha...


I have the same issue with QLED65


I just bought a Q7DR and had the same problems as well, with a Pioneer AV receiver.  The painful thing is I did tons of research in advance (BJ's, Best Buy, Amazon reviews) and out of literally 1000s of reviews, none mentioned this issue.  Unaware of this issue, I phoned Samsung support on Monday and went through the whole wait on hold, troubleshooting, unplug/plug, etc. time waste that resulted in "it must be a Netflix issue, you should call them or wait for an update."  It is unconscionable that Support wouldn't just red-flag this immediately in the call and address it head-on.  So I basically made an investment to upgrade my home theater experience and have been left with a degraded, mediocre home theater experience.  Add me to the list of pissed Samsung victims!  


Welcome to the club ChrisGarcia, 


Sumsung are still making people unplug / plug, stand on your head, sacrifice a 13 year old virgin. Wow you would have thought they would just come clean with this issue.

Agreed I (we) should write scathing reviews about the Samsungs poor software. I do not not want much from a telly good picture and sound from my AV amp. Maybe I am expecting too much. 

For me this sound issue started late Feb it is now mid April, so that is about 8 weeks. My guarantee is only 12 months for 2 of those months I have a TV that does not play sound. Samsung tells me it works (using the TV's speakers) so I can not return it. It really is not acceptable. 
Anyway welcome to the club of 100's of dissapointed people waiting for an update that may never fix the issue.
Fingers crossed update 1359 will fix this issue. 



Nick not happy!

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