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Netflix sound not working on UE50NU7400 with digital output


I've had a Samsung Smart TV linked via an optical out cable to a Marantz CR610 hifi system for 4 years and everything worked OK, including Netflix.


The old TV gave up the ghost, so in September I bought a new Samsung UE50NU7400 4K TV, connecting it exactly the same way as the old TV.


The sound from the TV to the Marantz system works fine, just as before, whether the content comes direct from the TV or from the Sky box which.  The one probem is Netflix.  Netflix works fine through the TV speakers, but if I switch on the Marantz system the Netflix app carries on playing the picture, but no sound comes through the optical out cable to the Marantz system - we just get silence.


It appears to be a weird aspect of the Netflix app, but since it worked on the old Samsung TV it seems odd that it's stopped working on the new one.


Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.

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Yes Samsung knows, the Netflix problem confused version and gave, older than it was in firmware 1351i, that's why such a problem. You can try to attach an audio description. Firmware version 1359 solves the problem.

Doceniaj, innych klikając w przycisk like lub zaakceptuj jako rozwiązanie.


Has anyone received an update?

I am still on 1351. (No AV sound on Netflix)

Q60 TV in Montreal Canada.

I have been checking for updates but nothing.



This has been driving me nuts for a week or two.   SAme issue with a Q60 - it's forced to Dolby Digital + when in Netflix and gives no audio.  All my other apps on the TV work fine.  


Luckily I have an Apple TV box that has Netflix and it works perfectly but I prefer using all the built in apps for simplicity when I can.


I am still waiting for an update...

Has anyone else received an update?

I did notice on the Samsung website that my TV should be running 1351.3. currently my tv is running the dreaded 1351. 

The website

Is indicating the latest update is 1351.3 but when I ask the TV to run for updates it always tells me I am running the latest firmware 1351.

Is anyone running 1351.3 and does it fix the Netflix AV amp sound issue. 

Should I grab a USB stick and try and update to 1351.3? 


Any help would be appreciated.




Nick not happy


Fyi - after an automatic update around a week ago my current version is 1352. However, it hasn't solved the audio (HDMI ARC) issue with Netflix, unfortunately.

Me neither. I have a NU7400 55 with a memory shortage and a NU7400 50 with dodgy firmware. The news ads are a disgrace, too. I now use a Firestick to access Netflix.

197 pages of complaints on this forum. How many are resolved?

I’m never buying a Samsung again.


Hi all,
I am also now on 1352 and HDMI not yet resolved but another community member in Poland did post a while ago that Samsung had told him this was targeted to be resolved in 1359. We don’t know when that will be released but it does seem to indicate the issue is now acknowledged and being worked on.
What has seemed to change for me with 1352 is suddenly on Netflix my Marantaz receiver is now functioning with Optical connection (it wasn't on 1351) and I’m getting an ok result from that so that’s a one step improvement from having to just watch it through the Samsung TV speaker. 

Hi all,


Anyone try the below and find any joy? (Got the steps from a TV/AV tech colleague.)


1 - Exit Netflix App

2- Select a.n.other source e.g. Live TV or HDMI Source

2- Settings>Sound>Expert Settings>Digital OutputAudio Format -> Two out the three formats will be available (PCM & Dolby Digital - Dolby Digital Plus will be Greyed Out). Whichever format is currently selected, change to the other e.g PCM>DD or DD>PCM

3 - Exit the menu

4 - Complete a "Cold Boot" by pressing & holding the Standby Key on the remote control until the Boot logo appears (This performs the same process as turning the TV Off & On at the Mains but from the comfort of your sofa - Note: For Frame TV owners I'm afraid you'll still need to pull the mains)

5 - Select Netflix & Playback


Should only need to do this once.


(Also, I've heard from my colleague that Samsung and Netflix are working together towards a more complete software solution in an update though.)

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Great tip, but unfortunately, I suddenly have no Dolby Digital option available at all. All I can chose is PCM, which already is highlighted.


Edit: In the end I was able to get dolby digital selectable and so I changed, but that didn't solve the problem. 



Hmm I tried this trick and it did not work for me. When are we going to get this update? I would be happy reverting back to the old firmware. This is painful.

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