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NEO QLED 8K After 1622.5 Software Update Local Dimming Stopped Working

(Topic created on: 06-05-2024 04:43 AM)

I have a 85" NEO QLED 8K QN900B. My TV began automatic update after firmware 1622.5 has been released. Since then the TV is working normally.

Today, I connected a TV to an android box and play some HDR content. The TV keep restarting several times and after that I noticed the square box of sized 1/8 of the screen brighter than other area. Seems like local dimming issues..

I wonder if this is a software bug? As changing brightness or either local dimming settings has no effect on the screen at all. The brightness still remained the same.

Is there anyone experiencing this issues?


I don't know about the local dimming but mine is showing worse picture, worse colours, worse black level. It's just not the 8K neo qled that we love and enjoy anymore. Samsung needs to fix this.

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I wish that I could tell you the issue is only isolated to the Neo QLED 8K tv’s. But it’s not. I have a 65” 2022 Neo QLED tv That has been been completely screwed up since they pushed the automatic update onto it last week.


That has been been completely screwed up since they pushed the automatic update onto it last week.

I did broadcast video with AT&T for over a decade. To say that I understand high definition and picture quality would be an understatement. I understand, refresh rates, aspect ratios, contrast, sharpness, brightness, color sequences, and backlighting. So, as soon as the issue presented itself, I immediately recognized it. I noticed it when I was streaming some 4K content. All of the sudden the top of my screen was 2 to 3 times brighter than the bottom, and horizontal lines appeared. Just hours before this happened, I got a notification on my screen from Samsung, telling me that the firmware version had been updated.

So I called Samsung technical support, and spent an hour on the phone with someone. I sent them pictures and video, and they indeed confirmed that the TV was having an issue. Unfortunately, however, my TV is out of warranty by four or five months. And to have someone just come look at the TV would cost me $230. And there’s no guarantee they would be able to fix it, or Samsung would take ownership that the firmware version they pushed is the culprit. I wish this was an isolated incident with Samsung pushing firmware versions that corrupt or destroy some of their products people are using, but it is not. I have a buddy who purchased a very high-end 4K Blu-ray player from Samsung. He had automatic updates turned on, and he received a firmware update that turned the Blu-ray player into a paperweight. Samsung would never take responsibility for it. I am fortunate that the TV that has been affected is still operational, just with a less than ideal picture. I’m hoping they will release a new firmware update that will resolve the backlight issues. 

My hope is also that more people will take the time To post on this forum about the issues they are having as well. The people from tech-support will never take ownership. And unfortunately, there is no place to download the older firmware versions to a thumb drive so you can revert back.


Eric Jacob
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I keep getting this random box in the screen it’s started about a month ago and comes and goes when it wants no rhyme or reason anyone ??