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My take on The Frame


Just bought and installed The Frame (55") and am using it to display my photos amidst the printed ones.

As others have said, auto-on is problematic (haven't got it working at all, here, yet) and the matting does not work for me, even when using exact 16:9 sized images (using Photoshop). Only showing Shadowbox, which is nice, but...

Would love to have more control on the color and finer control on the brightness. For example, when I use the default brightness, white birds (Ibis or Egret, for example) look yellow next to the ones I have printed. When I raise the brightness the white is more white, but then it is brighter than my printed photos. Using the tint control does not help this.

Love it otherwise. Shows great potential, I just hope they don't thing it is "good enough" and not fix/improve things.

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