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MU9000 65 curved fail after less than three years

(Topic created on: 21-03-2021 08:36 PM)
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I have an MU9000 65" Curved. Bought it less than 3 years ago and have loved it. Sadly a thin black line has appeared on the screen, just less than halfway down the screen. Contacted Samsung who directed me to their repair agents, who quoted £ 1143 for a repair! I took a 2nd opinion from another repair company who agreed with the quote. Very unhappy that a TV can only last such a short amount of time. Obviously it's not worth getting repaired at the price, and the sheer environmental waste of chucking away which an expensive TV after such a short period of time is something I can't bring myself to do. I would have thought that there should be some provision for Samsung to be able to provide new screen panels at a reduced rate for their customers who have experienced a product failure well before what they would reasonably expect for the typical  product lifespan.