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MU6100 How to change country for apps

(Topic created on: 20-01-2018 05:14 PM)

Hello, I am changing country soon and would like how to change the apps. The instructions for older models don't seem to apply. I currently have German apps but would like UK ones (BBC iPlayer,....)


😁 I’ve got exactly the same question as you have. I would like to access British apps on a device that was bought in Germany as well.  I purchased the MU7009 model. Samsung Germany isn’t any help as they officially keep denying that these codes exist and basically terminate any conversation on this issue. I tried ringing them



I tried emailing them but I got into some kind of giggle loop. There's no way to ever get to the email submission form. It really annoys me as I think it's not unreasonable to be able to keep your tv when changing country.  If I don't get an answer, I'll just send it back to the shop as I only got the tv recently. 


Not  a very customer friendly attitude! I'm planning to go back to Sony instead.



Solution here:

press Mute then Vol-Up then Channel-up then Mute

Then select your country. More detailed solution available later in the thread. Checkout post by paulh100



It worked 😁👍 Managed to change my apps to UK ones 🇬🇧 Happy days

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May not exactly have been straightforward for you @Macfix @TVApp99 but glad you found the solution !

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the 2016 instructions will work on my ue55mu7003 ? i need it for israel regoin

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I've tried the suggested solution but it doesn't seem to work on MU6500.
Any suggestions?

I have solved the issu on my 2017 Smart TV. It's a combination of lots of the other "Solutions"

It's more about identifying the exact issue.


The issue for me was that I bought my Samsung TV and found that on the back it indicated it was made for the Nordik market.

I am English

I was in Southern Spain

I wanted to download Apps from the UK and have my TV give me stuff like ITV Hub and More 4

I tried to reset the TV to get English apps but it only had Nordik countries or Iberian countries as options

The license wouldn't down load and complained about the quality of the internet connection (which was perfectly good so the message is not a true reflection of the problem)


What I had to do was 

1/ Follow other peoples advice for Setting up Nordvpn on a Windows 10 Computer

2/Set it up to act as  a WiFi Hot Spot

3/ Connect the VPN to the locale that the TV is set to(So In my case it was Norwey)


4/ on the TV - remove the ethernet cable if it exists

5/ reset the TV

6/ Choose Norway as the country when prompted

7/ Choose the WiFi hotspot you set up above when prompted 

{So Now the TV is trying to setup for it's original location (Norway) and the IP address it gets is a Norway address.}

8/You will now get the license screen with proper tick boxes although in norwegian in my case. Accept the defaults all the way until the setup has completed.


So now the TV is fully licensed.


Now set it up for where you want the TV local to be

9/ on the Computer change the VPN to your desired country - for me it was the UK

10/ on the TV reset to defaults again

11/ choose your language as English

12/ Choose the Region as Other

13/ Choose the Cmputer WiFi Hot spot (which you just set to UK)

14/  When the license page comes up it will be in Norwegian (in my case)

15 / press Mute then Vol-Up then Channel-up then Mute (you must press this sequence within 3 seconds of pressing Mute) e.g. the license page can be showing for any ammount of time but once you start pressing the button combination it must be completed within 3 seconds - which is actually pretty easy)

16/ choose United kingdom from the new list that appears on the screen

17/ The license screen will now change to English

18/ continue until the setup is completed.

19/ there is an element of trial and error when choosing the Antenna/Cable/Network combination for the TV channel tuning depending on how you are connected to the cable or Ariel, i can't help you with that.

20/ When you have finished setting upi the TV and have the all the TV channels you want configured, you can then disconnect from the Computer VPN Hot spot and reconnect your Ethernet cable / or regular Wi-Fi


All that sounds complicated but the idea is that you won't get the past the license screen until you connect the TV to the Region that it was made for.

The "key press combination" at the License screen to change your TV to the Region you want can only be achieved if you have the proper License screen with the tick boxes on display.

Once Licensed Then you can Connect it to the Region that you want to set it up for. 

You sir are a genius many thanks for this worked on my 7 series perfectly!