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Memory Full - Can't Install App


Model: UN43MU6300

I recently had an audio issue which required a factory reset.

I'm now missing apps such as Youtube and when I try to install it says no memory space available.

It appears all apps in the smart hub are pre-installed and cannot be deleted.

Can this be? where you cannot install apps because all space is taken up by pre-installed apps.

I did call support and they have escalated.

Has anyone run into this issue?



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Model UE43NU7120

I too have this issue, the pre-installed apps, that I use,  I have on other equipment so they are of no use to me, I could use the memory for other apps but you cannot un-install them. 

I have currently only two apps which I have added, Is there a way of expanding the memory or is there a work-around to remove the pre-installed apps.

For a so called smart TV this is pretty dumb... 

I would like some advice from somebody at Samsung as I feel a little ripped off.....


Tech came out today and replaced the circuit board. All is well again. I also turned off auto update.

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I have the same issue.  No installed apps, except pre-installed and 0 MB of 1 GB reporting available.


Samsung has broken something on Smart Hub obviously.


They have to replace the main circuit board unless they are now able to manage (remove) pre installed apps.

And if you have the board replaced, turn off auto update as this may fill up the memory again.

This is an insane issue, they should not push pre installed apps, or they should give you the option to delete them. I'm sure they get something from these third party apps.

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