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Marantz AVR to QLED 8K settings

(Topic created on: 26-10-2022 07:10 AM)
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I have a Marantz sr6015 8k AV Receiver, 2.1 HDMI 48Gbps cables and a Samsung QN800A Neo QLED 8K TV. I've connected the receiver to eARC HDMI ports. But when I set the AVR signal format to 8K Enhanced so that the AVR can upscale to 8K instead of the TV, it will not work with a resolution of 8K. It will work with a resolution of 4K and this is an upscaled picture compared to not upscaling on the AVR. If I set it to 8K, the screen flashes on and off or says no source. A Samsung HDMI cable check says the cable isn't good enough, but it is a TrueHQ 8K HDMI 48Gbps cable. Does the samsung qled TV actually support 8K input and how do I get it to work?

When I connect a Sky Q box which is broadcasting 4k UHD, I can set both the HDMI resolution to 8K and the signal format to 8K Enhanced and it works.  But as soon as I switch to a non-UHD channel on the sky box the screen flashing/loss of source happens again.

If I set the HDMI resolution to 4k and the signal format to 8K enhanced, then normal HD channels like Sky News HD, do upscale compared to the resolution that the Samsung QLED TV would output itself, so there does appear to be value in upscaling on the AVR