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Manufacturing fault?

(Topic created on: 26-11-2023 11:36 PM)
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I bought a QE65Q7FAMTXXU on 2019 which I was told was the most expensive and best TV Samsung had to offer. 

Now it was working absolutely fine and I went to turn it on one day and the screen is gone. Can see that the screen is on but it's black. 

Called up Samsung customer service who said that it was out of warranty. Now I love in London and the closest Samsung repair centre basically said they can't fix it as Samsung have discontinued it. Now it bought this for £3000 and now I do t have the money to get a new one. Samsung have offered a trade up where I get a discount of a 100£ or a 15% discount of next purchase. 
Does anyone know what I can do? No private company is able to fix it, they said the issue is the motherboard.... Is it easy for me to purchase and fix myself?

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This is standard policy for Samsung where they define everything is out of warranty for any reason and deny there's ever a manufacturing fault.

Certainly that's been my experience too.

Your option here may be also to sell it for parts online and buy a new TV from a rival brand.
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So, I bought a faulty rebooting Samsung QN700A with the grand plan of repairing it.

The panel looks fine, there's some mild dancing lines horizontally crossing the screen ever so slightly different brightness compared to rest of the screen, doesn't bother in PC mode.

Then after around 5 minutes the TV goes off and on, the image disappears, backlights stays on for couple second and TV reboots back to the logo.

After then it happens almost constantly.

Steps I've taken so far are:

Buy a 8k certified cable from John Lewis.

Replace the one connect box and cable.

Add heatsinks and replace thermal paste on motherboard.

Replace the motherboard.

Point a fan on the back of the TV.

Reflowed the solder on the 4 connectors from motherboard to display driver boards.

None of these fixed the issue, only delayed the inevitable bootloop.    

After hours chatting with a samsung support they told me ,Sorry You have had back lack .!!! Terrible