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LPCM QLED 74T (2020) from PS4?

(Topic created on: 15-03-2021 07:08 AM)
First Poster

Hi, I have recently purchased the new Qled 55” 74T (2020) and hooked it up to an LG soundbar supporting Dolby up to Atmos. As the tv and soundbar both should be able to handle this through the eARC HDMI port. 
However I soon discovered that both Nintendo Swith and Playstation 4 seem to react strangely soundwise. It seems that even with eARC option on, passthrough option on and using the propper HDMI cables the PS4 as well as the Switch seem to get downscaled by the tv to 2 channel stereo when using Linear PCM (which should simply pass the format of the media through without any up or downscaling). The only way to not encounter this on the PS4 is when putting the audio format to bitstream (which basicly makes the ps4 compress the sound) and still results in stereo sound when playing a Blu Ray.

I have read some postst online that the Qleds from 2020 seem to specifically have issues with LPCM from devices like the Switch or PS4/Xbox. Yet this seems strange to me as it is an actual feature Samsung advertises as being there.

Apart from that my top box (Ziggo Next-Box) is set to “follow original signal” when it comes to audio and seems to put through Dolby just fine (which basicly is also going from top box to tv to soundbar).

So is this a compatability issue specifically towards these devices? Has anyone else had this problem? 
I was already considering getting a “normal” Blu Ray player to not have a controller to use when watching Blu Ray. However this makes me wonder if that would properly work?