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Looking for Video File Converter

(Topic created on: 21-05-2019 07:25 PM)

As the description says I’m looking for a video file converter because my Samsung TV doesn’t want to play all video files connected trough a HDD or a USB.

All recommendations will be appreciated. 



what you are asking is easy, but your using the wrong terminology for a start.

what your after is a transmuxer.

to rencode your films correctly, you need to mix the video and audio streams separately, and then combine them in a suitable retainer, and encode them into the correct blue book format.


amyway, without going on too much, there’s a skill in it.

have you ever coded? Or are you not good with the command interface.

if you are, try handbrake, it’s great for what it does and it’s free, and 64 bit.

if your serious about it though, and don’t want to bother with learning commands at the command prompt, you could get Nero. I get this package every year without fail. It has a recode module in it, and as it’s been developed now for several decades, it serves its purpose very well.


find out what file formats your tv supports, and the resolutions of those formats.

your source material is important here. If your recoding DVD’s it 720 max. Bluerays you can mix at 1080. But if your trying to recode 4K content, it gets complicated very quickly as you yourself cannot sign meta, that would accompany the 4K mux to give it HDR.

even I’m still calibrating and recalibration on that one.

8K sources are starting to come into avaliablitly too.

and out in South Korea where my professor has just returned from, they are already broadcasting and receiving in 10K.


just saying, because if you do mux a ton of stuff, it pays to get it right.

nobody wants to constantly have to redo it, but for best results and new devices it’s best too.


my advice, Handbrake, or Nero 2019.

have fun