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local network never updates

(Topic created on: 17-09-2022 12:52 AM)
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When I select my LAN as the source,  my un40j5200af (this once worked ok) refuses to show the updated state of shared files and folders on my PC.  Instead it shows things as they were quite some time in the past.  The files shown, if they still exist in the same locations, video being most of interest, will download and play on the TV.  OTH  files that were removed will still be shown as present, and an error will be caused trying to play them.  If I drop any new files in the shared folders, no chance they’ll show up on the TV’s browser.  It’s like a frozen view, a snapshot reflecting some past event that messed something up.   I’ve done a Smart Hub reset to no effect.  Unplugging everything, shutting down the PC,  no use.   Something needs to be reset, I just don’t know what.   Maybe on my PC.  I just don’t know.  

The PC is running Win7 sp1

This problem began when I was still using a Belkin router,  and persists now that my networking is via a T-Mobile fixed 5g rig that handles the wifi.

Firewall issue, antivirus?

I’m running Kaspersky.