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Lip sync badly out on SAMSUNG - QE43Q60RATXXU

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Is there a real solution to rectifying lip sync which is badly out on many channels?

 I have tried the expert settings and have tried changing the Digital output audio delay, button no avail, all this does is make the issue worse.

Has anyone had the same problem. Disappointing on a tv of this quality.

Channels which have problems are ITV 4, Ch 4, CH 4HD, Dave, Pick, ITV HD, 5_Star, and Sony Movies to name a few.  Is it my TV or do other users have similar problems. Is it caused by the TV signal from the transmitter or is it a problem with the TV?

Please help this is driving me mad.


Hey @Littyman ,


are you able to tell me more about this? What channels are being affected by this and if this happening all the time or it does randomly? 

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