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KS8000 needs to shut down completely


After the latest firmware update of the KS8000 to 1233 youtube only starts once correctly with all the clip-suggestions etc.  When I shut down the tv via remote and restart youtube opens, however the clips aren't there. It's all black and I cannot open any.

At the moment there is only one solution and that is to take the tv of the power completely and then after 10 seconds put it back and start the tv.


In case someone wonders for what I've tried so far:  deinstall Youtube and put it back freshly, also reset the Hub (which was a lot of work, cause one needs to initiate all those programs like amazon, netflix and youtube, as well as other little details)

Also changed from WIFI to network cable...

Nothing has helped.


I wished one could downgrade but that of course is not possible either. Any solution...?


It is a known issue and is being looked into




easy workaround for now is when it happens to press back on the remote for a few seconds until it coes out of you tube, then go back in and it will work untill next time

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