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KS8000 and NETFLIX HDR dim image (low luminosity)


When I play HDR contents on Netflix (like latest The Punisher) the picture is very dim. It's not settings related, neither it is normal because I tried with a limited Netflix account that can't play HDR and the videos display adequately.

I mean, the difference is so much that bright white becomes gray. I know HDR is problematic, but this issue depends on Netflix and Samsung firmware. The same thing happens when playing Netflix HDR contents with Xbox or some Sony TVs, as I read on internet. Really, this must be solved.


Hi when you are playing HDR does Netflix say it's HDR, and check you picture settings to see if the backlight and contrast have gone to max. Also do a search for HDR samples and play them using a USb drive or stick.

If it's still not doing that you may have a problem with the TV and I suggest contact Samsung support or take the TV back. Get a Panasonic which supports HLG Iplayer! Not that I said that.


It happens only with Netflix and yes, it's written HDR when I play contents. as far as I read on internet is a problem related to HDR being a standard "not standard" :face-with-tears-of-joy: The TV is working flawlessy.


You need to try HDR samples which are easy to find through Google. Or youtube have HDR samples (some say ther are had but are not). A good one is the chess sample. I have a KS9500 and when you put a HDR singnal through you see the backligth jump to 20. Amazon Prime free trail also.

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