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KS7000 HDR Looks bad/not working correctly.

(Topic created on: 13/11/17 02:04)
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Hi all,


Is there a bug with HDR at the moment and this set? I see people complaining about washed out colours on loads of forums but see nothing official. 


I have these HDR issues on the PlayStation 4 pro but I recently got a Xbox one X and certain games just look terrible. 


For example Forza Horizon 3 looks awful in HDR, the colours are completely washed out and no matter what you do with brightness on the menus it looks bad compared to the normal game. Dull and wrong looking. Trying to adjust the in game brightness doesn't help either, certain games in HDR have brightness sliders that don't work correctly. 


I had the same bad looking game on the PS4 with Assassin's creed origins which looks bad in HDR as well. 


The only game I have seen that has HDR they actually looks good and everything you would expect is Gears 4, that game looks how all the others should look but they appear broken. 


I have the TV set to the AV forums recommended settings with smart led high and brightness set to 20 with warm 2 colour and no Dynamic contrast or anything like that. 


It feels like something is broken in certain games for HDR, grey looking washed out mess. 


Anyone else?


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I've been having similar issue (KU6400). I'm a PS4 owner and I first noticed that horizen zero dawn was very dark. After doing a bit of research I discovered it was to do with the HDR setting.


I checked that I was using a newish HDMI cable, some of the older ones are known to struggle with HDR. Also checked to make sure the HDMI port supported HDR, it's normally just HDMI 1 that supports HDR.


Still no luck but then I found the workaround detailed here;


After I followed the steps above I was blown away by the difference, the colours looked so vivid. I then had the exact same issue with Final Fantasy 15, used the workaround and the HDR worked perfectly. Unfortunately subsequent updates to the PS4 and TV mean this work around no longer seems to work...


I recently purchased Assassins Creed Origins and after the recent HDR update I turned HDR on and noticed that the screen looked really 'washed out' like a kind of dull white filter was over the screen. I tried the workaround again but it still looked washed out. The game actually looks alot better with HDR off...


This guy is experiencing the same issue on Xbox One X


I've tried basically every setting in the PS4 and TV but no luck. Interesting I no longer get a notification from the tv when I start a HDR game, I used to get a banner across the top of the screen saying 'A HDR video is now playing' so I'm not sure if TV is correctly recognising HDR anymore?


I'm not sure what the cause is but it does seem to effect mainly Samsungs.