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KS7000 dull HDR colours

(Topic created on: 02-04-2020 10:45 AM)

The HDR on my KS7000 doesn't seem to be working properly. I got the set in 2017 and as soon as Netflix started HDR titles it always seemed like they were duller or more muted in terms of colour compared to the Ultra HD streams. For a while there was a weird brightness fade thing as shots changed in films/shows. A shot would start bright then get noticeably darker and then stay that way. That seemed to go away, I presume Netflix changed something.


To clarify I'm using the set in Movie mode. I've played around with turned the brightness option under Picture/Expert Settings up and down. Doesn't make enough of an impact.


I recently got a Roku Premiere so I could get 4K HDR on Disney+ as the inbuilt Samsung Disney+ app doesn't support it. That again suffered from dull colours. Playing around with the Roku options helped me to discover I could get it to only output 4K @ 60hz with the HDR turned off. Colours were instantely much better on HDR titles - which is the exact opposite of how I expect things to be!


I'm certain it's not an issue with any equipment external to the TV. My HDMI cables are all good plus the same muted/dull effect happens on the inbuilt Netflix app. I've thoroughly checked the settings. All HDMI sources have UHD turned on.


I can only conclude it's one of 3 options:


1. I've somehow missed some critical option - that seems really unlikely as I've been through everything, even using online guides for how to calibrate colour on the set

2. The KS7000 has a poor implementation of HDR

3. There is something faulty with my (almost certainly out of warranty now) KS7000


Any ideas?