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Do all you good people who bought a 2016 Samsung TV know Samsung have stopped supporting it. The promised they would support HLG (BBC Iplayer HDR). This was in the Dec 2016 Trusted Reviews and What Hi Fi. They have not and if you had bought a Panasonic or LG 2016 set you would be able to watch Iplayer Blue Planet 2 in glorious HLG. This is a big issue because HLG looks like the standard for all over the air broadcasting. Samsung are not even supporting a 4K update to Iplayer. The reason looks like it will cost just 5 cents or pence per unit. So my telly I bought in Jan 2017 is deemed as out of date by Samsung!!!!!!

You wrote in your Dec 2016 issue that Samsung were supporting HLG in their 2016 models. Do you know that Samsung have supported their 2017 models but not the 2016 models. I know because the BBC IPlayer Blue Planet 2 will not play in 4K or HLG. It's not good considering Panasonic and LG both do support their 2016 models. It means my KS model I bought in Jan is now deemed out of date by Samsung. It looks like their are royalty fees which Samsung will not pay! Not good.

All you people in the UK can return your KS TVs IF you bought it for the use of the smartthings Extend that will never be coming out for our TVs. ***** is how.


Tell them you want a full refund because they promised that if you bought a KS TV you would get a FREE Smartthings Extend. They proof you will need is easy to find and is the reason you bought this TV.

I bought mine from J Lewis and the Samsung Extend addvert is still there


If you bought your KS TV from currys


They both say that you will get a free smartthings extend USB dongle.

Now send you TVs back for a full refund Smiley Happy



All those who bought a Samsung TV in 2016 may have claim for miss selling. It basically means that all you folks who bought the 2016 Samsung units have 2 choices. After Dec 2016 and if you had seen any articles that are press release's about HLG support and that influenced you decision to buy may have a case. For all those owners who read the info from the retailers on their web pages and saw and was influenced by the promise of the smart connect which has not been honoured, then you also have a case for miss selling. If you all spread this in all available media then I am sure the retailers would put pressure on to Samsung to correct this. If nothing else you could end up with nice shiny LG or Panasonic, or the new Philips that all are HLG BBC iplayer compatible, and with the HDR10 plus that again Samsung have still not implemented, you may be best with LG and Dolby Vision.

Also take a copy of the retailers web page before they change the description.

I will try to explain how to get a refund for miss selling (seen how much the LG's have come down). I followed this way and got a full refund or a JS8000.

You need to show that you asked or believed that or influenced by claims made about the capabilities of the TV. With BBC Iplayer HLG it's from the Trusted reviews and What Hi Fi, and any other publications and if you asked the retailer.

you can show you had been informed.

It's different with the smart connect as that is advertised on the main retailers web sites,

As the donngle's have not turned up you now claim miss selling, so either go to your retailer or email them with the web page, and explain why you think you were miss sold. Also phone Citizens Advice 03444 111 444 and raise a case (this also gets past on to Trading Standards). Explain that the retailer informed you off the capabilities via their web page information, and either show the page printer or the link, as above.

They will advise and link you to some template letters to send to your retailer.

I had to send a letter of intent to take legal action (template from Citizens Advice) against Curry's but then they gave me a refund.

So mention all the promises from Samsung full support for HLG, Smart Connect, and HDR10+

It will cost nothing to ask and again may bring some pressure on to Samsung.

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I would certainly try and if we can get a copy of the email from Curry's saying Samsung admit misrepresentation, then that could prove a powerful argument and you could also submit to court that Curry's now admit misrepresentation and are giving full refunds. 



There is no email from Currys confirming the misrepresentation.


it was said in phone calls and by the manager in store but not in writing.  Only place it says it is on the refund receipt.


I got to the stage with John Lewis where I spoke to their head of legal who told me I had no case. I never submitted any documents or took the to court.


Do you think their stance might have changed now? Or is this a strictly curries decision?






No harm asking them


I spoke with their CEO team just now, and they said this isn't the case. 


Good on you if you got a full refund, I didn't have the patience ,after speaking to a solicitor on this, my options were limited, and was told if going into court, they may side that Currys have done all they can on this, and it is a good compromise the offer they have on the table. They did say I could persue it, it will depend on the judge.


I couldn't be bothered with this anymore, so took the £800 voucher, ended up getting a new TV from JL much better and cheaper. Never want to deal with Currys again. As for the £800 I'll probably sell it at a cost.


I've just received an email from the Ombudsmen via my case against creation fiance via curry's.. As follows 


Thank you for getting in touch with us about your complaint.

Before we can look into this, we need some more information from you. Please can you send us the following:

  • a complete and signed complaint form (attached) 


Once we have this information we’ll be able to progress your complaint further.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Heres hoping... 



They are dragging it out, at least they haven't said no. 



It's true...I submitted my claims agaes ago and have only heard from them once since. 


I followed last week and still not heard anything. Maybe they are overwhelmed with the same cases?


May be time to take it the Financial Ombudsman. 

Any one heard the Ombudsman? After the inital letter ackloedge my complaint i have not heard anything despite me emailing them a few weeks ago asking for an update

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