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KS Owners Refund usefull info


I thought it might be useful just to have this thread with all the useful links, reference numbers but not for discussion. Letters sent and received yes please and any info to help people make their case.

How did you get on? See page 146 for the response they sent me
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Just a quick one slightly off topic is to think about buying using the interest-free credit when available and always paying the deposite with a credit (not debit) card. The reason being (and this hapened to me) is you have so much protection. In my case I bought a VHS recorder, Sat reciever and TV as a package on interest free credit. I found out the Sat box was second hand. I reported it to the retailer and as we know would do nothing. Long story short the finance company agreed it was a misrepresentation and I received a full refund. But and this the biggy, under the consumer credit act when you buy items with the finance they become your property. Therefore because there was a breach of contract due to misrepresentation, the finance was no longer viable and ended. But under the law, the goods are still yours even though you get a full refund. I had the retailer turn up in a van and wanting the goods back, which I said no, and was threatened. I rang the finance company and that was the last I saw or heard from the retailer.
You have this protection throughout the period of the loan. So for any expensive items its an added protection.
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5 minutes ago

@Timdog wrote:

Has anyone got a template for a letter before action? I want to get the small claims court process started.

You don't need a template as such, just send them a letter to their Registered Office via Recorded/Signed For delivery and state your complaint and a summary of what has transpired between you and the company since first raising the complaint with them.

Make sure the words "LETTER BEFORE ACTION" is in a large, bold font near the top and also stress that if you do not receive a satisfactory resolution to the issue within 7 days of receipt of the letter (no need for any more as they've had ample chance already and you're in deadlock anyway) that you will be issuing a claim through the County Court.

Then give them 10-14 days to respond and go to to start the process. It's a really simple process.

Hi All,

I only came to this forum searching to resolve a Smart View issue and now it seems I have come into this Refund subject very late as a 2016 owner of a UE55KS7500 bought through Currys and have tried to play catch up with its many topics/ threads.   

Congrats to customers of Richer Sounds and John Lewis for successful refunds/ replacements, but it is doom & gloom for Currys’ customers.

Is it really worth joining the fight with Currys? If I start a claim do I use the JL letter and just replace with the name Currys. I see mention of including a web page of the advert for IoT SmartThings Extended, if so is it the Tech Talk “How to control your home from your Smart TV” otherwise has anyone a copy of the required web page that they could let me have please. How many disgruntled Currys customers are out there?

Many thanks, another Paul

Hiya and welcome. I can't really help with your fight with Curry's other than the re-state that they should obey the law, yet you may have to take them all the way to court. 


The answer to your wider question though, is easy.


@Paul862 wrote:

How many disgruntled Currys customers are out there?

Many thanks, another Paul


Hundreds of thousands over the years, at least. Anyone who has ever bought anything from them which had a problem which they didn't want to help with. They are the worst of the worst when it comes to customer service and attitude.


If the only thing that comes out of this is that more people realise what Curry's are about, and boycott them for life; telling all their friends and family, then that's what we must cling to. I won't even buy batteries from them, I just can't trust them.

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8 hours ago

@yannis_i wrote:
Did solicitors contact you after you sent the Letter Before Action? Or when you initiated the small claim process through Money Claim -after the Letter Before Action deadline expired?

They contacted me several weeks after John Lewis were formally served with the claim form by the Sheriff Court. They initially asked me for copies of the documents I listed in my claim that I would be using as evidence, and then a couple of weeks later contacted me with a proposed settlement, which I have so far rejected. This is under the Scottish system of “Simple Procedure”.

For info, this is the list of evidence documents I'm using:

1. Copy of "deadlock letter" from John Lewis.
2. Copy of product description.
3. Copy of a Retail ADR recommendation letter for a similar case against another retailer from 5th June 2018.
4. Copy of EU ODR Complaint form.
5. Timeline of emails, phone calls, etc.
6. Emails to/from John Lewis.

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Some very good arguments

Here's my response to their defence -

Let's see how they like them apples!

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‎10-07-2018 01:33 PM

daleski75 wrote:

Good afternoon Mr K******, I am contacting in response to your communication received to the CEO of Samsung UK. I am sorry to learn of your disappointment following your communication with our customer support team.

With regard to the Smart Things dongle, the decision was made for this to not be released, and I recognise that this has caused disappointment for which I offer my apologies. What I can do is provide a SmartThings Hub to you without charge as a gesture of goodwill. Please let me know if you would like to receive this and I can make the arrangements for you.

Thank you for contacting us with your concerns.
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Hi I have just seen this article from the Mirror which might be useful to those dealling with Curry's to show them.
Also, all those who have had issues with Curry's please use this link and a leave a nice review about them. I have done, and they responded within 5 minutes to a 1 star review. Also mention to do a Google search for ks owners refund and people will find the thread.

It is easy free and quick. Curry's may ask for you to respond and ask for your customer details and it gives you the opportunity to by pass knowhow customer service and let rip!

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