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Just got a AU7175, the remote is totally laggy

(Topic created on: 18-04-2023 10:17 AM)
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Just got a AU7175, the remote is totally laggy, can't turn off the screen when listing to radio only, Airplay fails most of the time. Can't delete Samsung TV plus which is hugely annoying, the TV always starts with some TV channel instead of the last used app. This is a setup out of the box. in order to change audio language, one has to travel 15steps deep into settings EVERY TIME before being able to do so. I am beginning to think, this was the worst purchase of my life. Is there at least an update to solve the issues?

If your TV is connected to the Internet try to update your TV firmware and for the remote try to change battery and see if that solves the issues.
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@Amy43  In addition to other advice  The latest update 2111.1  was released 7 December, whilst you should have this best to check.  If it is not available direct over the air(via internet on TV) can be downloaded to USB and updated that way via this link. 

Whilst possible Batteries are faulty Remote may just need to be reset.   Remove the Batteries and press the power Button for 8 seconds before reinserting again. idea to also check if the Remote is sending an infrared signal. press the remote at the camera on your phone and press and hold the power Button on the Remote. on the Camera's screen  you should see a coloured light coming from the Remote.

Further details in this article Is Not Functioning Prope... 

If all else fails you may need to Factory Reset the Tv to see if that helps.

It should be possible to remove Tv Plus channels by following method:

Customers can remove some or all of the Tv Plus channels  by going to Tv Plus- Edit channels- Select Appropriate channels-Delete.     see more details here 

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@Amy43: I'm sorry to hear of your frustrations, but let's see if we can get your TV set up the way you want it. For instance, if you head to Home > Settings > General > Smart Features > Autorun Last App, then the last used app will automatically load when you turn on the TV. 

For your Audio Language issues, please be aware that you can tap the Home button, scroll over to Settings, then tap the Up directional button. This will bring up a selection of quick setting icons, one of which is Audio Language.