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It's 2023 and Samsung TVs still cant control sound of bluetooth speaker with its TV remote

(Topic created on: 22-10-2023 11:56 PM)
Looka ZD
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As the title says I really can't belive that this still isn't fixed yet.

I saw one guy asked about this issue in this forum back in 2017.
This is the URL of that topic:

It's almost past 7 years from that and this issue stil persist.
In my case I have bluetooth speaker (Anker SoundCore Boost 20W).
When I connect that speaker with my xiaomy phone I can control the volume through my phone, the same is with my SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A, even my 5 years old LG 50UK6300MLB can control the sound of the speaker with it's TV remote...

But when I connect that same speaker with my new Samsung UE65AU7172 TV then I can hear the sound from the speaker but can't control the volume with my TV remote... Numbers of the volume goes up or down but sound stays the same. I can only change it on the speaker itself.
I tested this even on my friends Samsung TV (2 years old Qled model) and the issue is the same...

Is there any solution to this? (yes I tried every single option available on the TV)  Cause the only solution is now to buy soundbar, but why would I need to spend some more cash only because this basic feature that should be working out of the box on every device in 2023 is not working on this TV...
This is really disappointing on every level, and a significant downside to the TV.

Also there is a sound problem that's coming out of the TV when I switch to the game mode (sound become noticably worse and somehow distorted/without bass/bland, and when in game mode there is no option to change it (sound option is greyed out), but that is a discussion for another topic...

If I knew all of this, I would definitely buy LG instead of this Samsung. But now I must fix what can be fixed, if any 😕

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@Looka ZD  only Samsung Bluetooth Headphones will be  completely compatible with all functions, therefore you may be unable to control the volume from the Tv Remote with 3rd party  Headphones, only the Device.    I believe the situation has not changed recently.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.


I completely solved the issue:


I donate my 3years old samsung 65" to my godson and bought an LG Qled 65".


I assure you, that solved completely any previous Samsung problem